Asphalt Parking Lot Paving In Cleveland

Ohio Paving & Construction can also provide commercial asphalt paving for businesses all throughout the Cleveland, Strongsville, North Olmsted and Youngstown, OH areas. Your business’s parking lot may not be top-of-mind, but it is actually pretty important. It will often be the first interaction of your business by potential customers before they even reach the front door. A parking lot that is deteriorating, has potholes, and is missing parking lines may send a message that your business is not very professional. Additionally, a neglected parking lot can even lead to injuries that you may be held accountable for. Our commercial asphalt paving contractors will provide a clean, crisp-looking surface with vibrant parking spaces that will increase curb appeal and portray a professional, well-established business. Contact our team today to learn more about our parking lot repair service and schedule a site visit.

Paving in Cleveland is notoriously ongoing due to the weather effects of the Great Lakes- an unfortunate reality of our geography. Therefore, finding the right commercial paving company to meet your needs is vital to keep costs down from year to year. Ohio Paving & Construction proudly services large corporations like Nestle, Giant Eagle, IX Center for the paving projects and maintenance programs they need to keep appearances sharp and paving costs low. Our asphalt paving contractors will get the job done right, the first time. When it's done right, you'll know it.


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For those interested in maintenance, low-cost asphalt paving work, we specifically outline everything you need to know in our asphalt parking lot maintenance page. Keeping up with maintenance tasks consistently can lower paving costs down the road.

What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate particles, like sand and gravel, bound together by bituminous product, a semi-solid form of petroleum. A new asphalt parking lot begins with an aggregate, such as gravel, with a layer of finer gravel above. This is known as the "sub-base," and is generally around 6" thick. Once the sub-base is compacted using a heavy roller, the first layer of asphalt of about 2.5" is laid and compacted. Last, the surface layer of asphalt is laid and compacted at between 1.5" - 2" thickness. Thickness of asphalt layers are not necessarily constant. The most common depths for an asphalt parking lot in the Cleveland, Ohio area is 4" or 6", chosen by a careful determination of the traffic's net weight, drainage quality, and temperature variation that the parking lot will endure. Naturally, the surface layer will accrue the most damage over time. A parking lot with structural damage on the surface does not need to be replaced, instead, Ohio Paving & Construction will resurface the pavement by removing the surface layer of asphalt and applying a new asphalt layer of the same or similar depth. Asphalt is a very "green" material, as its millings can be recycled to be used in a future asphalt parking lot construction or resurfacing.

It's Expensive... Why Bother?

Just as landscaping and brick-and-mortar curb appeal make an impact, the appearance of a parking lot makes a very clear statement about the professionalism of your establishment. Everything the customer experiences, from puddling to potholes to faded parking spaces, will impact the impression you give to the outside world. What's more, these experiences can leave permanent blemishes on your business - think poor Google or Yelp reviews- which have measurable impact on future business. In fact, one study found up to 70% of first time sales were credited to the business's curb appeal. It's clearly a worthwhile investment to maintain a quality parking lot. So, where do you go from here?

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