Paving a Way for Cleveland, OH

The large booming city of Cleveland, OH is located on the shores of Lake Erie with a variety of areas connected by numerous canals and railroads. These connections have provided an economic boom for Cleveland allowing it to become a hub for manufacturing plants, financial companies and healthcare services. With a growing population of nearly 390,000 people, the neighborhoods have expanded into a wide range of districts containing businesses, parks, downtown developments, and over 20,000 residences.

Centered in the middle of these developments lays the Public Square in the Civic Center District. Known as the “Heart of Downtown”, this is a popular spot for people to enjoy local businesses, The Cleveland Mall, and a large public park. With so much to do and explore downtown many businesses are looking to attract customers to their area. A way to enhance your curb appeal and create a great first impression is through quality pavement improvements.

Asphalt compaction taking place in front of Parker Hannafin, completed in 2015.

Turn to the professionals at Ohio Paving & Construction for your commercial asphalt paving services. We offer timely and cost-effective parking lot paving and repair services allowing for a safe and beautiful look.

Your Local Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor

If you are in the stages of enhancing your business or facility, put your trust in Ohio Paving & Construction. Our experience in maintaining & improving parking lots cannot be understated. We aim to work with you to ensure our work and repairs are scheduled in stages to allow ongoing business in a busy downtown Cleveland. We are proud to evaluate your long-term needs and design a preventative asphalt paving maintenance plan around your requirements and budget. Call our office to learn about our services or schedule a site visit by our professional team.

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