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Ohio Paving & Construction takes pride in the high-quality work we’ve put into parking lot paving and site work in the Cleveland area for decades. Asphalt and concrete need regular maintenance and repair to keep the quality of the pavement from deteriorating, incurring greater costs down the road. This is why Ohio Paving & Construction stresses the importance of preventative measures, offering important services including pothole filling, crack sealing, sealcoating, and drainage system design and installation.

Asphalt Parking Lot Restoration And Construction

Ohio Paving & Construction's crew laying new asphalt.

Out experienced crew and our top-of-the-line equipment is the perfect combination.

Weather conditions in the Northeast Ohio area are harsh, and this poses a particular problem for keeping pavements free of hazards, minimizing slippage, and attempting to maintain the original integrity of a pavement. When the damage to your parking lot has reached a level of severity, we offer resurfacing, new asphalt paving, new concrete paving, and excavation services to rectify your issues and ensure a long-lasting solution.

Cleveland is steadily growing, and businesses in need of new parking lots are turning more often to our capable team of engineers and parking lot design experts to get the job done. We are capable of delivering prevailing-wage union work and non-union contracts for any commercial property.

Reaching Out

Once we receive your estimate request form, one of our experts will reach you through your preferred means of contact to arrange a site visit, free of charge. The details of your commercial property will be discussed with the site manager or property owner, and then the parking lot will be measured and evaluated by an estimator to determine a quote for the scope of work you desire.

Please note that we are currently only accepting work for non-residential properties at this time. We are a commercial parking lot paving company. Paving residential and commercial properties often requires different sets of equipment which are more specialized for the task at hand. We provide information on how to find the right paving company for your work, including a list of residential paving companies servicing northeast Ohio.

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