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Ohio Paving & Construction will send out an experienced estimator, free of charge, to assess the state of your parking lot and determine a number of criteria which will factor into your quote or estimate. Such considerations include the stability of your foundation, the state of your pavement’s surface layer, the depth and severity of existing cracks and potholes, and how closely your parking lot follows current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules and regulations.

There are a number of problems that can incur costs in addition to what appears to be the most vital issue with your parking lot. A poorly laid sub-base and/or improper drainage can lead to alligator cracking, asphalt sagging and indentations, underground water surfacing, block cracking, upheaval, or joint reflection cracks. A full-depth repair may be the only long-term solution for these defects.

The Parking Lot Evaluation Process

Once you submit your bid request form, our site evaluation expert will discuss the state of your asphalt or concrete pavement and its maintenance history with you and/or the property manager. Once your needs have been determined, the Ohio Paving & Construction estimator will take the necessary measurements and photos to structure a report that will ultimately be used to determine our bid price. You can get an idea of how much various projects will cost on our services page, such as crack filling or resurfacing.

Once a bid is approved and the job begins, our team works quickly and efficiently to minimize the disturbance the maintenance work will have on your business and its customers. Our team will touch base with you regularly to ensure you are satisfied with the process every step of the way.

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