Bollard Installation & Removal Services

Whatever the intended purpose, or design Ohio Paving & Construction can build and install any bollard.

Bollards are prone to collision damage or the wear and tear that comes with exposure to the elements. We can remove any bollards that have sustained excessive damage, or those a client has decided they no longer want. We generally recommend improving the look of your commercial property by replacing old bollards with more attractive, decorative bollards.

Bollards come in many forms and serve a variety of purposes. The term “bollard” most often refers to the small steel or cement “posts” that separate a walking area from a roadway. The tall, thin orange “traffic cones” that are used to direct traffic in construction projects are another kind of bollard- though these are obviously not permanent.

Generally, bollard use falls into one of two categories: traffic or security. Because standard bollards are rather unattractive, bollards can have decorative plastic surface covers installed displaying the company logo or traffic-directing symbols, or replaced entirely by aesthetic designs like planters. A good paint job is another easy, cheap way to enhance bollard curb appeal.

Bollards For Traffic

Bollards used to direct traffic are an important piece of infrastructure when there is no curbed elevation separating your establishment from the flow of traffic. Installing permanent bollards assists in maintaining a consistent, safe pattern for traffic to follow, even in conditions of low visibility. This is a crucially important element for maintaining pedestrian safety on your property, especially when pavement markings are due for restriping.

Cinemark in Valley View, OH needed new bollards to separate the large parking lot from the spacious walkway in front of the theater.

Even when you do have sufficient curb elevation in front of your establishment, it’s not a bad idea to reinforce the border separating your building from the roadway. Some runaway vehicles caused by failed braking systems or stuck accelerators may not be stopped by a curb, and a bollard is much cheaper to repair or replace than sections of a building’s exterior.

The temporary orange traffic-control cone bollards are always used during construction projects to ease the discord construction causes on customers and clients.

Bollards For Security

Bollards are as useful for security as they are for directing traffic. When confidentiality and security are large concerns for your organization, preemptively defending against a “ram-raid” attack is as easy as strategically installing a bollard in front of your vulnerable entryways. The most effective (but also the most expensive) bollards can withstand vehicles moving at 50 mph. Reach out to Ohio Paving & Construction if you need more information about using bollards to effectively defend your property from potential threats.

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