Catch Basin Cleaning, Repair & Installation

Ohio Paving & Construction offers full-service catch basin maintenance and installation to businesses in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio. The function of the catch basin is to collect storm water, directed by angled asphalt, and redirect the drainage into a nearby water retention pond, the city sewage system, or underground water retention system. Servicing catch basins (also known as storm drains) on a regular basis is a vital aspect of an effective parking lot maintenance program.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Because trash, lawn clippings, dirt, leaves, and more can collect and build up along the drainage pathways, it’s important to have the catch basins that regulate storm water levels regularly cleaned. When a blockage occurs, water will collect within and above the storm drain, causing puddling and dangerous ice buildup during frigid winter months. An icy parking lot can be a great hazard for pedestrians and vehicles alike who are traversing the parking lot, and the liability of hazards on your property will always be your responsibility in a legal situation.

Sitting rainwater in any area on a parking lot can quickly oxidize the asphalt, making it brittle and prone to cracking and potholes in a comparatively short amount of time.

Catch Basin Repair

If the catch basin in your parking lot sits on the vehicle path, exposed to large weight loads over the use of the parking lot, the regular weight bearing can cause alligator cracking or sagging of the drain grate. This can cause more expensive drainage issues, as well as repairs to the entire area to avoid serious potholes and asphalt sagging. Such repairs will involve both an asphalt crew to address the surrounding area via a full depth repair and a concrete specialist team to fix the interior of the drain, which is almost always constructed using concrete.

Catch Basin Installation

When constructing a new parking lot, Ohio Paving & Construction must take into consideration the surface area that will need to keep from

Catch Basin Installation By Ohio Paving

Here is a top of a catch basin recently installed for Nestle in Streetsboro, OH.

collecting water during a storm. This thought process requires a careful plan and blueprint of where storm drains will be located, how much water each storm drain will need to handle, and to what degree asphalt will be angled to lead water in that direction.

A traditional storm basin will lead storm water into the city’s sewage system. Some storm basins are designed to lead running water into detention ponds, or off into a distant, unused piece of property that can be delegated to absorb the surplus of water.

Underground water retention systems, like those produced by Stormtech, can hold a large amount of storm water directly below the parking lot for a slow release into the city system. The slow release keeps the city system from being overwhelmed, usually necessary for the parking lots of large corporations.

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