Excavation Services

The first step in building any new parking lot is excavating the land it will sit on. The soil must be stable and level to ensure a long lasting pavement, as we did here for Nestle in Solon, OH.

Excavating is often necessary in getting our paving contractors started on your new parking lot. Once land is cleared, drainage systems are set up to keep water from building up beneath the pavement, decreasing the chances of seeing cracks and elevation changes in the parking lot. Once that is established and any further earth moving processes are complete, the sub-base is laid, and the new parking lot construction begins.

There are other good reasons to have excavation contractors dispatched to your property. Ohio Paving & Construction offers its services to anyone seeking parking lot expansion, ponding issue resolution, catch basin rebuilding or installation, detention basin cleaning, parking lot landscaping, earth moving, concrete removal, full-depth repairs to a pavement, or the installation of an underground storm water retention system, like those offered with our partner, StormTech.

Parking Lot Expansion Services

A growing business needs a bigger parking lot. Ohio Paving & Construction has fulfilled numerous parking lot expansions, most notably for Nestle in Solon, OH. Excavation will be the first step in a business parking lot expansion. Any earth or debris must be removed via land clearing so an adequate sub-base can be laid, and, depending on the layout of your parking lot, drainage provisions will need to be considered to properly lead harmful levels of moisture to the catch basin or storm drain.

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If you would like to have an estimator visit your location to take a look at your parking lot or facility to provide you with a quote, please contact us.

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Laying underground storm basins can help redirect water to city sewage systems. Here, we’re installing StormTech’s underground retention system for Nestle’s new parking lot.

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