Gravel Parking Lot Paving Services For Businesses And Municipalities

Gravel paving is a popular choice for rural roads across Ohio and U.S., and gravel driveways are often seen in place of paved driveways in various communities, or used to create additional parking spaces for businesses or homes. Gravel paving tends to be most cost effective for surfaces with little expected traffic.

Gravel is usually sourced from quarrying and crushing sandstone, limestone or basalt rock deposits, and is classified by particle size. Most gravel surfaces for vehicle traffic use gravel within the range of 20 milliliters – 63 milliliters, and some others utilize “fines,” or smaller particles of silt or sand smaller than .025 milliliters to act as a binder. See this informative gravel road paving guide by the Federal Highway Administration for more information.

Gravel roads are a particularly cheap and easy paving option, but will require more upkeep and maintenance when comparing similar levels of use to an asphalt or concrete pavement. Because stormwater exposure and general use will shove coarse gravel to the side and into the earth, regular top-dressing with new gravel will be required every few years to maintain the same quality, safety, and aesthetic appeal as it was with the first installation. Gravel pavements are also a permeable paving solution, meaning moisture can percolate through the surface and into the soil beneath, allowing subsurface soil to recharge and reducing erosion in concentrated areas, something that tends to accumulate in areas with asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Businesses, municipalities, or private road owners looking for a cost-effective parking lot expansion using gravel, or an existing road that needs redressed, can find the right solution through Ohio Paving & Construction. Reach out using the contact form at the bottom of this page to start the conversation.

Gravel Paving Costs

Paving with gravel will always cost less than with asphalt or concrete, but varies significantly depending on the area being paved. The kind of gravel you choose to use will also play a role, as the distance from the quarry for that particular stone to the site will factor into the installation cost.

The most popular choice for gravel paving is crushed limestone.

Other factors include the total surface area being paved with gravel, the amount of water that is expected to run through the area, and how level the area being paved is. A steep driveway or uneven surface  will always require more gravel to get the same lifespan as a level area. Most professionals recommend between 4 and 8 inches of gravel.

Ohio Paving & Construction near Cleveland can contract anywhere in Ohio, or directly service any area in northeast Ohio. For gravel paving costs in northeast Ohio, see our pricing below:

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