Fellowship Baptist Church – Canton, Ohio

We arrived to see an old, decrepit parking lot with its age showing through the asphalt with white and gray speckles throughout- a clear sign of a pavement in need of thorough sealcoating. The area also needed cleaning followed by crack filling, as separations in the asphalt had also started to support the life of grass and various weeds. After burning foliage, cleaning, and sweeping their parking lot, we applied approximately 700 pounds of coal tar crack fill to the pavement. After giving some time to cure, our team then closed off the parking lot from through-traffic and dispersed two coats of Sealmaster LV asphalt-based pavement sealer, fortified with coal tar. The first coat amounted to .1 gallons per square yard, followed by a second thicker coat of .2 gallons per square yard for optimal longevity and consistency.

After the sealcoat was given two days to cure, our team returned to line stripe the property mimicking the previous layout and color scheme that had faded to near-invisibility. A big thanks to Fellowship Baptist Church in Canton, Ohio for giving us the work- we look forward to providing excellent maintenance to your property for years to come.

Date:August 2018
Client:Fellowship Baptist Church - Canton, OH
Skills:Ssealcoating, Crack Sealing, Pavement Marking