Nestlé USA Technical & Production Facility – Solon, Ohio

Nestle USA’s Technical & Production Facility is among several offices and buildings that make up the campus in Solon, Ohio. To accommodate their growing presence in Northeast Ohio, Ohio Paving was contracted to expand their parking lot in the front and rear of the building. This required the team to start from scratch- planning the parking lot design, testing the quality of sub grade and excavating the earth with drainage considerations in mind, removing trees and roots, all of these things were necessary before paving could begin. The finished parking lot was given sealcoating and sharp, professionally applied line striping to maximize usability and longevity. Landscaping was another important component of the project that brought it all together; the appearance of Nestle’s location after all was said and done was completely transformed.

These projects constituted phase II and III of a multi-year project renovating the parking lots of their Harper Road location. We’re happy to see these projects finally finished.

Date:August 2018
Client:Nestlé USA Technical & Production Facility - Solon, Ohio
Skills:Concrete Paving, Asphalt Paving, Pavement Marking