Willoughby-Eastlake Bus Garage – Willoughby Hills, Ohio

The Willoughby Eastlake Bus Garage in Willoughby Hills, OH, needed an complete rebuilding of their failing bus garage parking lot- approximately 200,000 square feet of rebuilding. Ohio Paving & Construction came in and excavated the old lot, and then utilized a partnership with Cem-Base to stabilize the underlying soil. Soil stabilization is the process of adding cement to the subgrade  when it is too weak to properly bear significantly heavy weight- like the weight of dozens of school buses. Once that was finished, Ohio Paving laid 200,000 square feet of asphalt, and then sealcoated and line striped the finished job. The results look great.

Date:August 2018
Client:Willoughby-Eastlake Bus Garage - Willoughby Hills, Ohio
Skills:Concrete Paving, Asphalt Paving, Pavement Marking, Site Construction, Parking Lot Paving