The Importance Of Regular Paving & Maintenance For Governments & Municipalities

With increased attention turned on the need for investment in our roads, bridges and highways, municipalities and governments are looking for dependable paving & construction companies to work on their infrastructure. Making good on promises to restore roads to their original appeal is a powerful statement for voters that their elected officials are committed to the betterment of the community. It is important to note the amount of money that can be saved by the community with proper maintenance measures, thus preventing the kind of damage to pavement that requires a removal and full-depth repair of the problem area. Poor upkeep of maintenance and repair tasks can also hurt property values, thus affecting the potential for growth in your municipality at large.

The most common maintenance tasks include resurfacing & pothole repair, line striping/pavement marking, sealcoating and crack sealing. For excessive pavement damage on the pavement in question, we offer more involved paving and construction contracts like milling & paving, new asphalt paving, new concrete paving, curb construction and excavation services. General price ranges for each of these services is listed on our website, but you would be best advised to get a free estimate from one of our experts to get the most accurate pricing. Municipalities are often also interested in parking lot design services, or a consultation on the subject, and often ask us to construct the designs we develop.

For the visually inclined, we’ve included photos of our projects done for municipalities and governments on our website.

Municipal/Public Projects We Do

We serve a wide variety of government/municipality facilities and needs in the Northeast Ohio area. These include:

…And many more.

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Municipalities interested in having work done can submit a bid request form, or fill out the digital form below. We invite you to briefly outline the scope of work, and submit any bid package that may be necessary before a bid can be developed. Then, one of our estimators will come to your location, examine the proposed project, and then we will formally propose our bid for the work.

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