Parking Lot Construction & Expansion

Ohio Paving & Construction has served a vast clientele in the greater Cleveland area, including commercial property owners, site developers, municipalities, new churches, and expanding businesses who need larger parking lots to accommodate a growing workforce. Building a new parking lot can be a lengthy process, and for public institutions or large corporations, usually requires a bid. You can submit a bid package through our website, talk to an estimator, or download the bid request form to be sent at your convenience.

Pricing A New Parking Lot

A new asphalt parking lot developed for the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Schools bus garage.

Coming up with a price for a parking lot job requires a thorough amount of understanding of the proposed project. The less-obvious variables here include:

  • Effort necessary to clear the land for the proposed site work.
  • The expected net weight of passing traffic through each area.
  • The expected net weight of sitting traffic during business hours.
  • Whether or not the paving crew must work under a union contract and be paid the prevailing wage.
  • The depth of stone, base and asphalt desired for the final project (dependent on the weight of passing traffic).
  • The submission of change orders during the process of building.
  • The kind of storm water management system that is to be installed. (An above-ground detention pond can take up to 30% of the total paving surface area).
  • Hardscaping and landscaping requirements for the finished product.
  • Lighting installation requirements.
  • Whether or not the paving company also designed the parking lot layout.
  • Quality of soil beneath the proposed construction site.
  • A choice between asphalt and concrete.
  • And more.

After every consideration is given a dollar value, the paving company on the project can provide an estimate. Generally, new parking lot construction or expansion costs from Cleveland paving contractors will fall between $4-$10 per square foot.

Ohio Paving & Construction is capable of designing parking lots, too. Our in-house design engineers can build the blueprints necessary to take an untamed piece of land and deliver you a brand new parking lot designed to last. That’s why we’ve been trusted by companies like Nestle to do exactly that.

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