Parking Lot Construction & Expansion

Ohio Paving & Construction has served a vast clientele in the greater Cleveland area, including commercial property owners, site developers, municipalities, new churches, and expanding businesses who need larger parking lots to accommodate a growing workforce. Building a new parking lot can be a lengthy process, and for public institutions or large corporations, usually requires a bid. You can submit a bid package through our website, talk to an estimator, or download the bid request form to be sent at your convenience.

Pricing A New Parking Lot

A new asphalt parking lot developed for the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Schools bus garage.

Coming up with a price for a parking lot job requires a thorough amount of understanding of the proposed project. The less-obvious variables here include:

  • Effort necessary to clear the land for the proposed site work.
  • The expected net weight of passing traffic through each area.
  • The expected net weight of sitting traffic during business hours.
  • Whether or not the paving crew must work under a union contract and be paid the prevailing wage.
  • The depth of stone, base and asphalt desired for the final project (dependent on the weight of passing traffic).
  • The submission of change orders during the process of building.
  • The kind of storm water management system that is to be installed. (An above-ground detention pond can take up to 30% of the total paving surface area).
  • Hardscaping and landscaping requirements for the finished product.
  • Lighting installation requirements.
  • Whether or not the paving company also designed the parking lot layout.
  • Quality of soil beneath the proposed construction site.
  • A choice between asphalt and concrete.
  • And more.

After every consideration is given a dollar value, the paving company on the project can provide an estimate. Generally, new parking lot construction or expansion costs from Cleveland paving contractors will fall between $4-$10 per square foot.

Ohio Paving & Construction is capable of designing parking lots, too. Our in-house design engineers can build the blueprints necessary to take an untamed piece of land and deliver you a brand new parking lot designed to last. That’s why we’ve been trusted by companies like Nestle to do exactly that.

The Process

After your team approves our bid or quote for your parking lot expansion project, we begin by assessing the ground beneath where the proposed site work will take place. Our team will assess the stability of the underlying soil, at which point it will be decided whether or not soil stabilization will be necessary before laying the foundation of the parking lot. Soil is stabilized by incorporating lime into the soil, making it much more durable, workable, and reduces the plasticity of clays and swelling from moisture. The pozzolanic reaction of lime and soil will occur slowly over years and/or decades, consistently increasing the presence of the optimal qualities previously mentioned.

Once the soil is stabilized and the sub grade has been verified to soundly bear the intended weight, the area will be cleared and flattened using excavators, stump clearers, tree shearers, backhoes, and bulldozers. It is at this point where drainage systems must be planned and installed, whether the client chooses to go with a large water retention system that slowly releases in the municipal water supply, standard drainage pipes into a retention pond or some designated area in the property, or nothing at all, with permeable pavers to deliver water directly through the pavement surface.

Next, assuming a permeable pavement was not chosen, a sub base of larger stone is laid, followed by a geotextile fabric, also known as a gravel stabilizer grid, if deemed necessary, and then an initial layer of coarse asphalt of 2″ – 4″. A layer of tack coat is applied, and then a final, fine layer of asphalt measuring approximately 2″ thick is applied, smoothed, and compacted.

We’re also happy to return and line stripe the new parking lot. Our engineers and parking lot design experts are happy to plan your parking lot’s flow of traffic to ensure everything will run safely, smoothly, and to code, from parking space dimension regulations to specifications outlined in the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

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If you would like to have an estimator visit your location to take a look at your parking lot or facility to provide you with a quote, please contact us.

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