Asphalt Parking Lot Sealcoating

At Ohio Paving & Construction, the leading asphalt paving contractor and commercial sealcoating company servicing the Cleveland area, we use SealMaster products for our sealcoating projects- a company well-known for their dedication to quality. We've made hundreds commercial properties stunningly sharp through the delivery of sealcoating, guaranteeing the longevity of the parking lots we service. Simply contact us to get a free parking lot evaluation and get your free quote started.


In our photo gallery, we feature several photos of gorgeous sealcoating projects we've competed for happy customers. For information on our other asphalt paving and maintenance services, we invite you to check out our services page.

What is Sealcoat?

Sealcoat is a refined coal tar-based mixture, a bituminous-based product or acrylic sprayed over an asphalt surface to extend the overall life and quality of the pavement. Scroll down to see our sealcoating price structure.
Asphalt over time will be oxidized by sunlight, water, and wind exposure. This hardens the material, making it more brittle, more prone to cracks and more easily damaged by weight loads and collisions. Chemical contact, including ethanol-based fuel can also adversely affect sealcoat. Taking preventative measures against this inevitability is the most cost-effective way to address this problem, and is crucial in climates like that of Cleveland, OH where asphalt is particularly prone to deterioration.

Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating

Adding sealcoating to your asphalt parking lot maintenance schedule has many benefits. We've listed them below.
  • Prevents Oxidation - A sealcoat functions as a barrier to drastically slow down the destructive effects of oxidation, (caused by asphalt's exposure to oxygen, UV rays, and water).
  • Prevents Potholes - A sealcoat is waterproof, keeping moisture out of cracks where potholes could develop as moisture freezes and thaws in the cold.
  • Prevents Oil Damage - Oil and gasoline contact breaks down asphalt very quickly, and sealcoating prevents any oil or gasoline spillage from every making contact with the asphalt itself.
  • Prevents Weight-Load Cracking - Cracks caused by excessive weight are prevented as the sun heats up a crisp, black parking lot more quickly than one that hasn't been sealcoated. This pliable aspect of sealcoat is reactivated in the heat, allowing the asphalt to "give" more effectively under pressure.
  • Added Friction - A sealcoat provides a layer of fine texture to combat the natural wear of asphalt pavements over the course of use, creating enough friction to prevent slippage that can be dangerous in winter months. Additional solids, such as sand, may be added for increased friction if it is ruled necessary.
  • Look Sharp - Sealcoating adds a black sheen to the surface of your asphalt pavement. Your parking lot is your company's first impression and a pristine outside appearance makes the best first impression you can give.
A sealcoat cannot fix or improve structural flaws of an asphalt pavement, but instead guarantees longevity from the existing state of the pavement.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Prices

0-20,000 Square Foot Parking Lots: $0.10 Per Square Foot 20,001-50,000 Square Foot Parking Lots: $.09 Per Square Foot 50,001-100,000 Square Foot Parking Lots: $0.08 Per Square Foot 100,001-200,000 Square Foot Parking Lots: $0.07 Per Square Foot 200,001-1,000,000 Square Foot Parking Lots: $0.06 Per Square Foot

It is important to note that while these prices are accurate characterizations of the costs of sealcoating, there are additional variable costs which are assessed in a case-by-case basis. Therefore, determining the price of a sealcoating job is not as simple as calculating the square footage of your parking lot and multiplying with the associated figure listed above. Varying costs include:

  • The distance of the job site from our crew.
  • The number of sealcoating applications you choose. The optimal choice for balancing the longevity of a pavement and price is generally two coats.
  • The amount of time/effort necessary for cleaning. An asphalt or concrete pavement must be free of vegetation, dirt and debris before our team can affect the surface.

When To Sealcoat A Parking Lot

Asphalt paving companies in Cleveland will say you should only sealcoat your parking lot once every two years- unless the sealcoat is visibly no longer present. Overdoing your sealcoating will cause the surface layer of your parking lot to crack more quickly.

Imagine painting a piece of cardboard, and then giving it a slight bend- the presence of too many layers make it more difficult for all the paint to adhere, thus creating more cracks under pressure. Parking lots that get little use or sit in well-shaded areas can go as long as four or five years before applying a new sealcoat.

Pothole Filling, Patching & Restoration

A pothole, which is essentially the combined effort of multiple cracks to separate some portion of an asphalt pavement, contributes to the same issues as cracks to a higher degree. With the interior structure of the asphalt pavement exposed, oxidation is increased, the damage capabilities of freeze-thaw cycles are increased, and damage to the sub-base is increased, which requires more costly excavation services to repair. Once the correct diagnosis for lasting repair has been identified, the correct hot mix, emulsion mix, stockpile patching mix, or proprietary patch with the appropriate aggregates and modified binders is selected and applied to the area, then compacted to fill the underlying gaps.

Potholes in advanced stages of disrepair can be a huge hazard for unsuspecting drivers, causing damages to a vehicle's undercarriage and liabilities to property owners.

Pothole Filling & Patching Pricing

Because potholes are a generic term for a wide range of structural problems, nailing down a price range for correcting the issue is a difficult task. Some homeowners and business owners purchase asphalt repair materials at Lowes or Home Depot in an effort to repair their own driveways and parking lots. Products include Quikrete, Road Rescue Asphalt Repair, and Quality Pavement Repair (QPR). These kinds of DIY asphalt repairs are a much different animal than addressing a collapsed sub-grade with improper drainage or advanced sub-base oxidation. Structural damage needs to be addressed by large paving companies capable of full-depth construction, and not your average residential asphalt companies in Cleveland, Ohio, or overlooked after applying a home-made patch.  We recommend you always take advantage of our free site evaluation before you purchase asphalt or concrete repair solution from your local hardware store.

That said, it is important for our clients to get a price range whenever possible. Patching jobs usually run between $350 - $4,500, and full-depth repair jobs can range from $600 - $7,000+.

We offer a more detailed breakdown of pothole repair costs and excavation repair efforts on the corresponding service pages.

Wait, Don't You Mean Resurfacing?

Many customers get "resurfacing" confused with "sealcoating." Resurfacing is the process of adding an additional few inches of asphalt or concrete to the surface of a damaged pavement. Ohio Paving & Construction also offers asphalt and concrete resurfacing, and recommends resurfacing when the surface layer of an asphalt pavement has become thoroughly damaged by oxidation and other causes.

The Process

Sealcoating can't begin until any surface damage is addressed, all potholes are filled, and all cracks are sealed. Then, the parking lot to be coated must be thoroughly cleaned with a sweeper truck, or using brooms and mechanical blowers by our crew.

Sealcoats are applied in the form of a spray, squeegee, or brush. You can also choose to have one or two layers of sealcoat for your project.

We would recommend one layer in the case of a project like a driveway or a low-traffic parking lot, where it may be easy to relocate vehicles for an asphalt maintenance project and the sealcoat will not wear away from use quickly. Two layers would be recommended in a busy, 24-hour workplace, or an apartment building, where delivering asphalt maintenance will significantly disturb other people with no interest in the project, so requiring a new sealcoat job further in the future would be beneficial to the client. In a case like this, we also recommend having a two sealcoats done on the main lot, and then regular single-coat jobs on the drive lanes throughout a parking lot where vehicles will more quickly degrade the integrity of the pavement.

Ohio Paving & Construction uses a spray machine and applies leading Sealmaster products, providing a thin sealcoat and sand mixture that will preserve your asphalt for longer. The sand mixture is an important component preserving the friction of your parking lot.

A sealcoat is a water-soluble product, we recommend the pavement surface remain dry for 48 hours before application in order for the sealcoat to cure properly. Traffic can begin traversing the surface after approx. 12-24 hours, depending on the amount of direct sunlight exposure the pavement has received since its application. Because sealcoat needs to cure at a specific rate to ensure it delivers the sleek, desirable black color (rather than one with a brown tint) and adheres to the asphalt effectively, we recommend only sealcoating during the warmest months of the year, and sealcoating with relatively thin layers of sealcoat. This way, warm temperatures can penetrate the sealcoat throughout, ensuring proper curing.

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